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Mike & Judith's Home Page

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Having been brought up in Cape Town, South Africa, and later living in Bloemfontein, we formally immigrated to the Land Down Under at the beginning of 2003 where we have since lived in Sydney and Perth. This web site gives a brief insight into our lives, and in particular, into details of our travels.

In South Africa, our initial interests were that of camping and hiking/bushwalking in the beautiful Cape Mountains. We continued with these activities when we moved to Bloemfontein and then to Sydney. Soon after arriving in Australia, it became apparent that we could combine these activities with our love for cycling by progressing into Bicycle Touring. This is now where we focus all of our attention.

What originally started out as a handful of days hiking/bushwalking has turned into multiple week cycling adventures. Our accommodation (nearly) always consists of our tent in a campsite, although when in Scandinavia, bush- (or wild-) camping is preferred.

The web site started off by providing a place where our families could keep up to date with our travels, but over time developed into something slightly more. As we often find personal web pages of other travellers to be the most useful when planning our own journeys, we hope that what we provide here can do the same for others.

The links on the left of the page should be self-explanatory with trip reports and our preferred gear listed under the relevant headings.