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Art by Judith - About the Artist

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Originally from Cape Town, South Africa, my husband and I have also lived in Bloemfontein and Sydney, and now call Perth, Western Australia home.

I have always engaged with the visual arts, studying art at school and as part of my tertiary studies. I facilitated art programs for primary school students and have always enjoyed the creative process.

Like many of us, I spend my working day in front of a computer screen, but outside work I spend a lot of time on a bicycle which allows me to observe the changing colours and patterns of our natural environment.

I seem drawn to these two elements - colour and pattern. This is what inspires my art work. Using acrylic paints, I use a pointillist style to create texture. In reflection I would say that I have been largely influenced by post-impressionist artists and all forms of rock art.

I am happy to receive enquiries or commissions via email.