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  • Cycling

This page has generally been replaced by the Bicycle Touring page which includes more detail on what we ride, but has been included just for some general info.

  • Bicycle Tools

Keeping the bicycles on the road takes a bit of maintenance and I generally rely on the following good quality, tried and tested, tools to do this:

  • Brooks Steel Tyre Levers
  • Chris King Bottom Bracket Injector Tool
  • DT Swiss Spoke Ruler
  • Gates Carbon Belt Krikit Tension Gauge
  • Gates Carbon POM Sprocket Key Arm with 20t, 22t, and 24t inserts
  • GearWrench 81211 3/8-Inch Drive Full Polish Teardrop Ratchet
  • Hazet 5108-2CT Torque Wrench (2.5 Nm - 25 Nm)
  • Knipex 8603150 Pliers Wrench
  • Knipex 8603250 Pliers Wrench
  • mtbtools (ebay) Headset Cup Removal Tool
  • mtbtools (ebay) Headset Press
  • mtbtools (ebay) Crown Race Setting Tool
  • Park Tool AV-4 Heavy Duty Axle/Pedal Vise
  • Park Tool BT-2 Fourth Hand Brake Tool (Cable stretcher)
  • Park Tool BBT-9 Bottom Bracket Tool
  • Park Tool BBT-18 Chainring Lockring/Bottom Bracket Tool
  • Park Tool BBT-22 (2C) Cartridge Bottom Bracket Tool
  • Park Tool CC-3 Chain Checker Chain Wear Indicator
  • Park Tool CN-10 Cable Cutter
  • Park Tool CNW-2 Chainring Nut Wrench
  • Park Tool CT-5C Mini Chain Brute Chain Tool
  • Park Tool CWP-6 Crank Puller
  • Park Tool DCW3 17/18 mm cone wrench
  • Park Tool DCW4 13/15 mm cone wrench (x 2)
  • Park Tool GSC-1 GearClean Brush (x2)
  • Park Tool HCW-15 32 and 36mm Laser Cut Headset Wrenches
  • Park Tool MLP-1 Master Link Pliers
  • Park Tool PH-T20 P-Handled Star-Shaped 20 Wrench
  • Park Tool PRS-3 OS-2 Deluxe Single Arm Repair Stand with FP-2 base plate for bolting to floor
  • Park Tool SG-7 Oversized Adjustable Saw Guide
  • Park Tool SPA-2 (Red) Pin Spanner
  • Park Tool SW-13 Spoke Wrench for Mavic Wheel Systems
  • Park Tool TL-5 Heavy Duty Steel Tire Lever Set
  • Park Tool TL-10 Shop Tire Tool
  • Park Tool TNS-4 Threadless Nut Setter
  • Park Tool TS-2 Professional Wheel Truing Stand
  • Park Tool TW-1 Torque Wrench
  • Park Tool TW-2 Torque Wrench
  • Park Tool WAG-5 Portable Wheel Dishing Tool
  • Pedros Torque Wrench Bit Set
  • Phil Wood Lil´ Phil Grease Gun
  • Rixen Kaul Spokey Professional Spoke Nipple Wrench (Red)
  • Rohloff Cog Tool for Speedhub
  • Serfas FMP-200 Floor pump
  • Shimano TL-PD40 Pedal Tool
  • Sidchrome Microtough Ratchet 1/4" Drive (Model 12919)
  • Syntace Allen-Bit Set 2-8 mm + Torx T-25 incl. Snap-in Bit-Holder (made by Wera)
  • Tacx Brake Shoe Tuner T4580
  • Vernier Calipers
  • Irwin Record Vice with swivel base on workbench
  • Wera Kraftform Kompakt 21 Hex-Bit Screwdriver
  • Wera 1/4" Bit Ratchet (Model 8001)
  • Wera Zyklop 8784 A1 Adaptor (1/4" x 37mm Adaptor)
  • Wera Zyklop 8784 B1 Adaptor (3/8" x 44mm Adaptor)
  • Wrench Force chain whip
  • Wrench Force cassette lockring socket

I had originally wanted to get a complete toolkit, but having already purchased some of the tools, I found that it was far more beneficial/cheaper to purchase each item individually. In this way I could make up a complete toolkit with my exact requirements.